Looking for a great unique way to raise money?

Casino Fundraisers for raising money for your organization, school, non-profit, church or community we will maximize your revenue with an authentic casino fund raiser. You will raise more money having a casino night than with your average fund raiser. Your guests will be very much active throughout the night by getting involved into the gambling and therefore donating to your charity. And they will never be bored! For one night you can be the “house” and rake in big money.

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How about a Charity Poker Tournament-Texas Holdem Fundraisers-Poker Night Fundraisers

Casino Fundraisers

This is just one popular casino game to get your club and event raising money. Due to how popular television has made Texas Holdem and poker tournaments this is a great way to gain interest and offer something unique and fun. For your next fundraiser or charity event consider a hosted charity poker tournament by Ace Deuce Casinos. Our tournament dealers are are highly experienced and trained to run an event like those seen on television.

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How does a charity poker tournament actually work?

Numerous poker tables and chairs will be set up to suite your party size. Each player would be required to pay a tournament FEE before hand. Each player will receive an equal amount of chips. The dealers will explain the rules briefly and make sure everything is ready to go. As the tournament goes on players will be eliminated from the tournament. The dealers will move players around and break down tables to keep the same number of players at each table. The tournament will continue until its down to one table and one person accumulates all of the chips and is announced the winner.

If you’re tired of trying to raise money but never fulfilling your goal, a casino party might be the answer. Your guests will be more willing to donate money for your cause if they know they’re getting something in return. Prizes donated to your charity you can put up to auction at the end of the night.

Try something new when raising money for your club. Have a casino fund raiser and see your revenues increase right before your eyes. You’ll be amazed of the popularity of the casino games. Our dealers will be dressed in formal attire and that will add a special ambiance to your casino night.

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